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Established in 1972, Institute of Engineering is devoted to fulfill the national demand of technical manpower in different disciplines of engineering for accelerated development of the country. Besides this, the Institute also offers a wide range of services for the benefit of the public and the private sector. 

The Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering has been offering four years undergraduate program in Electronics Engineering since 1994 and that in Computer Engineering since 1998. The current intake of the department is 48 students in Electronics and 48 in Computer. While the 24 seats in the Electronics Engineering are government supported, the remaining program is run with self-generated resources of the department.

The Department has also offered a masters degree courses in information and Communications Engineering from December 2001. The current intake in this course is sixteen students. The department has also enrolled one PhD student.

The department was offering a three years diploma program in electronics engineering since is established in 1975, which was of supervisory nature and aimed to produce highly skilled middle level technical manpower for the country. This program has been shifted to Western Regional Campus in Pokhara since September 1996.

In its history of more than two decades, the department has succeeded in producing capable manpower as per the demand for the development of electronics and computer field in the country. Its graduates, counting about 1000 Electronic Technicians and 64 Electronics Engineers, have bee widely accepted in the industry for professional services, and in different universities for their further studies. Besides academic contribution, the Department of Electronics and Computer Engineering has also provided technical and supervisory support and services to various sectors of Engineering and non-Engineering fields.

The department of Electronics and Computer Engineering is equipped with highly sophisticated and precision electronic measuring and testing equipment, a large network of high-speed computers, and qualified and experienced faculties of different level. The knowledge and experience of these faculty along with the technical strength the department boasts upon not only brings continuous improvement in academic process within the department but also responds to the needs of the fast changing and emerging technologies outside the department as well.